Executive & Career Coaching

Coaching Approach:

Dorothy brings a powerful combination of communications credentials as a former national award winning ABC News editor and New York communications/journalism university professor to improve the patterns and flow of communications within an organization for increased productivity and employee satisfaction.
She combines her communications expertise with industry skills, leveraging the Executive and Organizational Coaching Advanced Certification from Columbia University; grounded in the science of adult performance.  She works with leaders and teams using feedback processes and on-the-job action learning to strengthen self-management, interpersonal effectiveness, team cohesiveness and leadership impact.

Coaching Value Proposition:

Dorothy partners with leaders supporting them to become skilled presenters and communicators with an ability to translate complex situations into readily understood explanations. She works with teams to strengthen interpersonal styles  in order to tap into diverse learning and thinking preferences of team members. She combines her communications background with a variety of psychometric tools in order to customize and design the most effective coaching plan for the client.

Representative Coaching Engagements:

  • Organization Development – A newly formed team at The U.S. Department of Energy needed to define their goals, purpose, and specific external and internal roles for members. Half the team was virtual – making for communications challenges. Dorothy used the STAR Model as a framework for organization development, streamlining processes and procedures, with team alignment sessions using individual and team assessments that encouraged and incorporated diversity of perspectives. OUTCOME: the team wrote their vision, values, and mission statements defining their new business strategies with specific short and long-term goals. All members said their team felt more energized with newly clarified defined roles and expected outcomes.
  • Leadership Development – The client was a major global financial institution with a new Head of US Sales. The C-Suite executive was promoted after working 20-years as a single contributor and had never been a leader or managed a staff before. He felt uncomfortable as a new board member and with public speaking, two of the many demands of his new position. Dorothy focused on developing his leadership capabilities using multiple feedback processes to strengthen his emotional intelligence and managerial skills. Using honest dialogue, she coached him on improving interpersonal and listening skills and enhancing his presentation style. OUTCOME: at the end of the 6-month engagement, the C-Suite executive said the coaching helped him take a stronger leadership approach with more self-confidence and better listening skills and now feels comfortable speaking publicly. He also was able to make faster key decisions across the organization resulting in a profitable operation and more engaged staff and board.
  • Leadership Development – The high potential executive was a new editor-in-chief at a global media technology company. The client had never managed a staff before and needed to improve communications and time management skills because of daily multiple deadlines. Using feedback processes, coaching tasks, and honest conversations around difficult subjects. Dorothy coached the client to develop self-awareness and self-management skills and to redirect negative communications in order to strengthen influencing skills with direct reports, upper management and peers. OUTCOME: the client was promoted to develop media campaigns, TV and cable segments and now effectively manages a staff of ten.
  • Organization Development and Leadership Coaching – The Black Male Empowerment Center, a City University of New York College. The Director wanted improved productivity and better interaction with his staff. Most of all, he wanted to increase student participation at the Center. Dorothy used 360-degree interviews with the staff, which indicated the Director needed to raise his level of listening with more empathy in order to increase his influencing and leadership skills. She also coached his team on effective communications using workshops and individual and team assessments. Dorothy’s coaching improved the team’s morale and performance. The Director’s improved active listening and conflict management skills resulted in a better rapport with his staff. OUTCOME: student participation at the Center increased by 150% because of new business strategies. The College Vice President was so impressed with the Director’s improved leadership capabilities and staff productivity, that Dorothy was hired as a leader coach and team coach for 11-College Department Directors.
  • Psychometric Tools Certifications:

    • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
    • The Hogan Suite of Tools.
    • The Birkman Method.
    • The Suite of WholeBrain Creativity.
    • The Emotional Intelligence Quotient Inventory and EQ-360.


Dorothy is also a certified career coach with GetFive
a national career consulting firm with a proven successful methodology for career transition or beginning a new one. She works with clients on how to identify job targets, proper positioning, writing a resume and cover letter that results in interviews, along with how to strategically negotiate salary.



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