Leadership Workshops

Leadership Presence

How to enter a room as a leader and state your position with short, powerful words and phrases. Being a great speaker is more than your words – it’s your non verbal statement.  The correct clothes and body language, along with proper, diction, tone and expression are explained. Simple exercises are offered.

 Authentic Leadership – Finding Your True North

Just as a compass points toward a magnetic pole, your true north pulls you toward the purpose of your leadership. This workshop discusses three main components of authentic leadership: 1) understanding your story 2) being open to diverse perspectives – 3) the ability to sustain hope in the face of struggle. Exercises are given.

Effective Communication for Leadership

Listening is the most effective communication skill for successful leadership, because if you wish to influence – you first need to understand.  Participants learn the four different levels of listening through different interactive exercises such as mirroring and learning how to listen with empathy to help expand one’s communications skills.

Storytelling: How to Effectively Use Your Story For Leadership

The best way to communicate with people you lead is often through a story. Many leaders are able to use their life stories as an inspiration to others by understanding and reframing their personal narrative. This workshop explains the different aspects of storytelling. Topics covered range from how to engage your audience to how to best tells the story by using a character, plot, a turning point, and a resolution. Participants are given a short deadline and asked to write a one-minute story about an experience that was challenging. Looking at this experience from the outside, what were the lessons and benefits? Afterwards the stories are shared and presented.  Leveraging my background as a network broadcast journalist and writing university professor, I help participants make their stories stronger and more accessible. I also use my news anchor skills to help with voice delivery and presentation in order to access executive presence.

Tapping into Diversity and Innovation for Leadership 

Stories throughout history are discussed, which illustrate how tapping into the intersections of different cultures, languages and thinking-  can open doors to innovation and success. A worksheet on cultural diversity is handed out and “The Pyramid of Diversity as a  Dimension” is explained, followed by a diversity writing exercise.

Leadership  Presentation

Being a great speaker is more than what you say; it’s how you present yourself. This workshop focuses on how to make a presentation in front of an audience. Effective public speaking includes speaking with proper diction, tone and expression, along with the correct use of body language, and wearing the proper clothing .  Public speaking and voice delivery practices are offered.

 Managing Change for Leaders

We all know changing behavior is hard, but what we don’t understand is why it is so, and what we can do about it. This workshop explores the dynamics of change with a diagnostic tool for overcoming resistance. An interactive exercise is offered to identify core assumptions and competing commitments for changing self-defeating behavior in order to become more successful leaders.

Writing for Leadership

How to write clearly and state your position for a specific audience while advocating your cause with short, powerful words and phrases.  Understanding internet etiquette and best way to write e-mails and memos with the lead, body and kicker.  As well as how to deliver the written words with proper delivery.  An exercise of writing and public speaking is offered.

Marketing Your Leadership Skills

This workshop explores how to transform your leadership experience into career opportunities by employing techniques such as: understanding branding, how to shortcut your job search, create a targeted resume, as well as the best way to get meetings, job offers, and negotiate salary.

Influencing Change as a Leader

Successful leadership involves social or economic change, and while most of us may not be leaders such as Sonia Sotomayor or Martin Luther King, in our own way, we have tried to initiate change.  Participants will explore ways in which they tried to initiate change; either personally, in the family, in school, at work, a place of worship, or in the community.  A writing exercise is included.

 Leadership of Money and Financial Freedom 

Financial success revolves around the beliefs one has about money.
With self-awareness, financial literacy and taking responsibility for every facet of one’s financial life, limitations or negative beliefs about money can be replaced with making sound financial decisions.

Social and Business Etiquette for Leaders 

Each institution has a different culture – so there is no application of one rule for all functions.  This workshop enables independent thinking in order to make appropriate choices. There is a focus on the business hierarchy at the table or social function, along with how to receive and send the proper cues. There will be a discussion of what to eat, drink and wear, as well as understanding different aspects of manners, the place setting at the table, and conducting oneself with grace.

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