Professional Success Workshops

 Marketing Yourself

This workshop explores how to transform your experience into career opportunities by employing techniques such as: understanding branding, how to shortcut your job search, creating a concise, targeted resume, learning the best way to get meetings and job offers, as well as how-to-negotiate salary.

Targeting Your Job Search

This workshop offers skills for strategically navigating the job market, including: how to identify job targets, how many targets are needed, understanding the two-minute pitch, how to write a resume that sells and doesn’t tell and results in an interview, understanding the money game, and how-to-negotiate the best salary.

Using Your Story For Success

Many successful people trace their inspiration directly to their life stories. This workshop shows how to use life experiences in order to become happier and more successful . Understanding and reframing one’s personal narrative can lead to authenticity and becoming more focused. An exercise of writing and  public speaking is offered.

Business and Internet Etiquette

This workshop focuses on learning office politics and how to positively impact your office reputation.  It includes how to influence up as well as manage down, understanding the four pointless arguments that can undermine your career, navigating e-mails, smart phones, and the internet at work; as well as the significance of being polite, pleasant, courteous and consistent.

Where to Find the Careers of the Future

This workshop explains why future jobs will be given to people who are storytellers, designers and inventors.  As we move from the informational age into the conceptual age, a new world economy is changing where the jobs are.  People who understand how narrative impacts business, the subtleties of human interaction, and can detect patterns and opportunities will be able to excel in this new market place.

 The Power of Narrative in the Business World

Learn the courage to write simply.  Because facts are instantly accessible, what matters most is learning how to place facts in context, with proper attribution, and how to deliver them with emotional impact.  It is important to write with personality and communicate a compelling vision that has a beginning, middle and end.  There is a writing exercise and presentation of the work.

 Turning Adversity into Success

During a job interview, a frequently asked question is why you are the most qualified for the job.  That is when it is essential to convey the lessons you have learned from life.  Participants are asked to write down an experience that was difficult or painful.  Looking at the experience from the outside, what advice would you give yourself, and what were the lessons and benefits?

 The Art of Living and Craft of Career Choice

How to take one hundred percent responsibility for everything in your life while understanding overcoming adversity equals success. Learning how to leverage diversity for professional innovation and opportunity.  How our inner thoughts affect our lives, and harnessing the fear to take career action, as well developing an understanding of business culture and etiquette.

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