Writing and Journalism Workshops

Media Advocacy: How to Look & Speak on Video

Understanding what clothing to wear on video, along with proper makeup, and hairstyles for men and women. This workshop also focuses on how to hold the body and look into the camera with proper facial expressions. We will rehearse voice delivery along with style, enunciation, and inflection, and learn how to speak under time restraints.

Using Journalism for Effective Interviewing Styles  

Successful interviewing begins with identifying goals.  This workshop will introduce the art and craft of interviewing. Students will be led through a step-by-step exercise, utilizing journalistic tools in order to get what is needed for a successful interview.  Learning how to be pro-active in an interview, you increase your chance of having a successful interview.

 The Art and Craft of Interviewing -Advanced Workshop 

The Art: How to identify goals and get the needed information using journalistic skills.  How to plan questions that are open- ended or closed -ended, and how to listen and elicit great quotes. The Craft:  how to be pro-active and contact the appropriate person, how to dress and conduct yourself –along with questions you need to anticipate for the proper response. How one ends the interview, as well as the importance of the follow-up. An interview exercise is offered.

 Expository Writing and Persuasive Writing – Advanced Workshop

 Expository:  How to build and write a journalistic story and get the needed factual information. There is a journalistic writing exercise, with deadline, followed by a presentation of the written work with a critique on the writing and voice delivery. Persuasive: How to write with emotional impact, using proper attribution, understanding who the audience is, and communicating a compelling vision.   There is a pro & con writing exercise, followed by a presentation with a critique on the written work.

 Public Relations Writing and News Writing – Advanced Workshop 

Understanding the different mediums of public relations and journalism: how they differ and why.  There is a short in-class assignment writing PR copy and newspaper/broadcast copy.  Participants will share their work to compare and contrast the two different writing forms.

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